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Friends, Families, Partners, Colleagues, and anybody else you'd like to give the gift of joy./togetherness

Stuffology is a book about how people get fed up with buying more and more stuff and want to buy experiences - great times they can remember and bring people together.

Escape games are perfect for this as people of all different ages can be involved from 10 to 90 and we have hosted a wide range of groups.

With over 750 positive 5 Star Reviews we know we can bring a great experience and the beauty of the escape room format is that similar to Bowling all different ages and abilities can take part because the game is adaptive. This is achieved by the number and difficulty of clues. A more experienced group/or born naturals need fewer clues and more cryptic clues whereas somebody who has never played a game before may need less cryptic clues or higher quantity of clues. This doesn't mean everybody gets out as it is still meant to be a challenge but that most teams can get to experience much of the game and enjoy themselves. We always prefer to nudge people in the right direction so they feel that sense of accomplishment but with a wide variety of puzzle styles and lots to do if somebody struggles in one area often they will excel in another. Each of our games is different

Bunker 38 - has more finding a variety of things in unexpected places and using in sometimes unusual ways. It's challenging but the easiest of our games as we tend to be more generous with hints but still a good challenge for those looking for it and we can make it harder.

Detonation - More gadgets and tactile puzzles with a great twist at the end - medium difficulty

Dungeon of Doom - our most challenging game with the most to do and a large variety of puzzles. Teams are split up for about the first 1/3rd of the game with one or more person in the dungeon with puzzles and collaboration required between the two teams.

We look forward to hosting you


Paul (Owner) and the Clue HQ Team

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All booking redemptions are taken online in advance of your game. Visit and click redeem next to Book a Prepurchased Deal. Choose Clue HQ Gift Certificate from the drop-down menu and then select 6 players and copy and paste in your voucher code. Follow the step by step instructions. Bookings cannot be made by telephone unless you are looking to upgrade the booking. If you have any problems booking pop us an e-mail on and we’ll do our best to help. |


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  • clue-hq-brentwood, Kelvedon Hall Ln, Kelvedon Hatch, Brentwood, Essex, CM14 5TL, t: 0749 449 9379, e:
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